CEO (school uniform supplier)

“Our strategy is now crystal clear. It makes it easy for us to stay on track and not to get distracted”

“Don’s work with our senior management team helped us achieve a collective understanding and ownership of our strategy and plan which has helped us overcome working in silos”


Managing Director (building repairs, equipment hire, glass replacement)

“I’ve got good value from what Don’s done here and I am now reconsidering my strategies for the future. I am especially appreciative of the positive influence on one of my daughters who works in the business. She has stepped up and taken on more management responsibility.  We have all learned from Don. Our new hire business has quickly reached breakeven thanks in part to Don’s guidance”


CEO (private vocational college)

“We have seen improvements across our business from Don’s work with us especially in the marketing and sales areas.  Don also helped us deal with some issues within the management team and helped get it better focused.”


Owners (startup food outlet)

“We are already indebted to Don and thank him so much. I have taken same day action on one of his recommendations. We thank him for helping to “define us”, his guidance is priceless.”


Owner (teacher professional development)

“We did some very good work together.  It was exhausting, but like all important things you have to unpack and explore first and then construct pathways.

Importantly, in working with Don I have someone who values what I have already done, is not afraid to question and provoke and has a vast experience of industry and business.  Even more importantly, I feel like I have someone by my side to guide me through and share the journey.

I’ve just had a meeting with my financial adviser and he asked me what had made the dramatic turnaround in my business. I told him it was hiring a business coach – you! Your advice on marketing and then showing me where to focus was excellent. Business has tripled and it is now a real pleasure to read the P&L reports. Best of all I am not constantly travelling for work and have reclaimed my weekends. Thanks Don”


Managing Director (specialised packaging and engineering)

“I have found Don to be extremely helpful in better defining how to best spend our marketing efforts.”


Founder and Director (manufacturer of designer glass)

“Don was like a gift from heaven to help me with my startup business. I needed a lot more focus and assistance with how to grow my business. Don helped me create a marketing and sales plan and helped with key elements to get me going. I have learned a lot about marketing and successful sales. “


Co-owner (accounting/inventory systems, bookkeeping)

“Thank you Don, we always appreciate you and your wonderful work. Thank you for all your valuable input.  You bring clarity and focus to our business.  We have been able to establish a joint venture with your help and are profitably growing our core business.  We look forward to your help next year to navigate the challenges of growth.”


Director (movie sound post production)

“I appreciate the valuable direction Don gives me and my business.”

“Don helped me negotiate a joint venture to enter the Sydney market and advised me as I manage my participation in it.  In Melbourne, he has helped me assess options for growth including taking on new studio premises.”


Director (cash flow invoice financing)

“It’s great to have Don’s brilliant mind working to help our business. And I need Don to give me a kick up the backside from time to time. He has me thinking more broadly about the options for the future of our business and he helps keep us focused.  The strategy we developed for which kind of clients and business to pursue and the steps to pursue this business are already delivering results. “


CEO (commercial kitchen compliance cleaning)

“Don has been an invaluable partner to me and supported me to make many long overdue important changes within my business”


Founder and CEO (mobile device apps for wholesale ordering)

“Don helps me sort through and think through all my ideas to help us simplify and focus on the things which will be most successful financially. He reshaped our positioning and marketing strategy and this had immediate resonance in the market and boosted sales. He also helped me prepare for negotiations with my major supplier in India and with some major prospective clients”


Founder and CEO (computer game development and training)

“Of all the brilliant advice Don has given us so far, encouraging me to approach the world leaders in my industry has probably been the best. I find Don to be most valuable to our business and the additional accountability and focus have contributed to our success.”


Joint Managing Director (automation engineering consultants)

“Don has helped us change the way we view our business and present it to the world. We are already have success at working in higher value segments of the market.”