Client successfully raises prices

Advice 4 Growth  helped a client review their prices and decide to increase them by more than 8%. The client agonised over potential client reaction but, with careful explanation to clients, achieved the increase with no client complaint or loss of business. This boost to profit was substantial and immediate.

Strategically Aligned Markets

This technical consulting client has great expertise in its area of specialisation but limited skills in marketing and business development. After clarifying the right focus for the future, Advice 4 Growth helped the senior leaders take easy steps to uncover marketplace opportunities. The results were immediate and this organisation now has greater certainty about the future and the strategy and skills to continue growing profitably.

Client Finds Paths To World Markets

A new client had a world class product but limited avenues to market. Advice 4 Growth helped identify the best opportunities and how to approach them. Now the client is negotiating with some of the world’s leading distributors who will make their product a global success.

Sharpening Marketing Adds to Business Growth

Advice 4 Growth  has helped young medical services business with planning to accelerate business growth through sharper definition and articulation of the value proposition, re-pricing, re-location and a sharper focus on the most desirable new clients.